5 Bitcoin Quotes You Need To Know

20. September 2020

The Bitcoin value proposition can be difficult to convey. Quotes and aphorisms can help. Here are 5 Bitcoin Quotes To Know About.

Bitcoin is like gold but with this magical ability that you can teleport it. Vijay Boyapati

Bitcoin is like gold, but with this magical ability that it can be teleported

With the „Bullish Case for Bitcoin“, Vijay Boyapati summed up the Bitcoin value proposition like no other. The quote comes from the 55th edition of the „What Bitcoin Did Podcast“ by Peter McCormack.

This quote is so legendary that it doesn’t need a translation. So that there is no doubt as to which brainchild Bitcoin is, Satoshi refers to the situation of the financial system at that time on the Genesis block. In addition, the reference to the daily edition of the Times serves as a kind of time stamp for the genesis of the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is like early electricity. Raw, dangerous, seems very volatile and difficult to use. Over time, it will feel safer, easier, and more normal. Like electricity, it will inspire and power new, unimaginable industries. And one day we’ll wonder how we could live without her.

The anonymous bitcoin maximalist and author compares the status quo of the protocol with the early days of Strom. Revolutionary inventions, according to Kenobit, take time to mature. But one day things happen very quickly and we wonder how we ever lived without this invention.

Bitcoin is resistant. Bitcoin is principled. BTC is committed to the ideals of the internet. I think it has the greatest chance of becoming the internet’s native currency. If you think of the internet as a country, this is a great opportunity.

It is known that the Twitter founder went under the Bitcoiners . The entrepreneur recently founded the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA) to put an end to so-called patent trolls and to democratize the crypto sector.

Vijay Boyapati for the second

Owning Bitcoin is one of the few asymmetric bets that people all over the world can participate in.

And Vijay Boyapati again. What is meant by this quote is the global nature of BTC. Bitcoin knows no national borders and due to its censorship resistance, the cryptocurrency should be accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, it looks a little different in practice – the majority of BTC owners live in the global north.