Pundi started selling its product XPOS X2 for crypto payments at Amazon

14. Juni 2020

Pundi X Labs, which is dedicated to projects such as crypto settlement, has announced through its official Twitter account that it will start accepting sales of the „Pundi XPOS X2“ portable POS machine that uses the Pundi X system at Amazon.

„XPOS“, which is a Singapore-based system authorized by the country’s Financial Services Agency, provides dedicated cards and terminals in cooperation with financial institutions.

The introduced stores will be able to make payments in virtual currency with more than 20 payment options, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Nem. It supports one-touch payments with NFC cards and applications, and made payments in approximately 9 seconds even with Bitcoin.

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35,000 yen is the current price with free shipping
Payment can be made using the dedicated Bitcoin Profit application or the NFC XPASS card. The current price of the Amazon product is 35,000 yen and shipping is free. You can use the mobile application „X Wallet“ developed by and the NFC „XPASS“ card to complete the payment without problems.

If this terminal is entered, it will be relatively easy for a store manager to enter the settlement of cryptographic assets. Even if you do not have detailed knowledge, you can install digital cash in shops, services, stalls, etc.

PundiX’s crypto payment technology has become widespread worldwide, and in July of last year, PundiX crypto payments were added to the „VeriFone“ product, which provides over 35 million payment devices to 150 countries worldwide.

As the technologies are reported to have been integrated, there are high expectations for their diffusion in the Japanese market. The payment rate through XPOS is less than 0.5%. In October 2017, Pundi X raised over $4 million (400 million yen) in the ICO pre-sale announcement.

In addition to Amazon Japan, the device can also be found through an authorized distributor in the United States within the online retail giant, as reported by the Pundi X Labs team to Cointelegraph Español.

The product is not currently available from the supplier within Amazon USA, but according to their information it will be a matter of time to replenish the stock to offer it again within their ad on Amazon USA.

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„Buying crypt coins should be as easy as buying a bottle of water.“

Buying crypt coins should be as easy as buying a bottle of water. This phrase is the official slogan of Pundi X and there is no better phrase to define the project and the path that cryptomonies should take to reach a mass adoption.

At the beginning of 2018, just when the market started to deflate after the spectacular 2017 rally, Pundi X fulfilled the expectations and managed to raise 35 million dollars in its ICO in just 90 minutes.

It was not for less since Pundi X can become a key piece for the success of the whole blockchain ecosystem. The interesting thing about this project is that it can become the perfect bridge for the rest of the crypto currencies to reach billions of people who would otherwise take much longer to get to know them.

The aspirations of this ambitious company have been to deploy a gigantic network of sales points that will facilitate access to the crypto economy for enthusiasts, merchants and more and more users in order to reach full adoption of cryptomonies as soon as possible.

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This project of Indonesian origin was also born with a great purpose, which is to give access to financial services to the unbanked population of Indonesia, which is an immense majority. This same model can be replicated in areas of Africa and South America, which is undoubtedly a practically infinite market niche.

Pundi X also offers users a simplified wallet and the strength of this project is the weakness of many others. The long and cost